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Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Have you experienced the “middle age spread?” Have you tried to lose weight but your metabolism seems to be stuck? Have you been told by your physician that you are pre-diabetic? Are you simply wanting to improve your nutrition but are confused by all the conflicting information you see about superfoods, gluten, dairy, sugar, carbs, protein, and fat?

Whether it’s an expanding waist line, high blood sugar, lack of energy, or poor sleep, many of the symptoms of aging can be improved and even reversed, and a lot of it begins with what you eat!

In my three-month signature program, you’ll incorporate simple, actionable lifestyle and nutritional strategies that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Why three months? Because this isn’t a magic bullet or a get-skinny-quick scheme. This is for people are who ready to ditch all the diets and work towards achieving their health and fitness goals in a way that is realistic and sustainable, and that takes time. Otherwise, it’s just another diet that might give you short-term results but is not maintainable. By working together, we’ll devise an approach that centers on YOU and your goals and create a wellness plan that works for your life on your terms.

What’s Included?

Initial 60-minute session. In this video or phone visit, we’ll take a deep dive into your health and diet history, goals, eating patterns, lifestyle habits, family and work dynamics, food allergies, and personal likes and dislikes. You will leave with specific action steps to help you start creating a healthier, more balanced relationship with nutrition and self-care.

Meal Templates. Not meal plans, meal templates with hundreds of food options that we can customize for your personal tastes and support your goals.

Weekly Check-ins. We’ll have a weekly 30-minute check in via phone or Zoom to discuss your questions, progress, challenges, actions steps, and strategies.

Ongoing support. In between sessions, you can message me with any questions or concerns, or simply to give me a heads-up about things you want to talk about during our next weekly check-in. You can send me photos of meals to get feedback and suggestions. I’ll also review your (optional) food journal and offer feedback and support between sessions.

Are you ready to commit to improving your health?


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